Shift Hospitality is a full-service hospitality management and development company. We find and unleash the potential in hospitality brands to build concepts that people love.

SHIFT is a collection of innovative restaurant, entertainment and food brands that run the gamut from full service to fast-casual to consumer packaged goods. We’ve built a portfolio of successful brands across vertices by identifying compelling concepts and driving operational success.

At SHIFT we also partner with current and hopeful restaurateurs and business owners to create concepts that are original, credible and sustainable long-term. We have success engaging at any stage of development - be it early concepting or in a period of stagnant sales - to help identify the business opportunity, position the concept for growth, and closely manage its development to unleash its full potential. We offer consultation, experience, relationships, resources, and services that help owners penetrate the highly competitive hospitality marketplace.

We understand the high risk of restaurant ventures and stay focused on long-term sales and measurable returns on investments. SHIFT is fully committed to the financial success and big-picture growth of every brand we partner with. Our hands-on approach allows us to fully immerse ourselves and see the business through the eyes of ownership. We get it...after all, we’re owners too.

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oh, and what’s up with all the pineapples ?

The pineapple is seen as a universal symbol of hospitality, welcome and friendship.
It’s history is long and storied, but we love the legend it carries with it...

Legend has it that New England sea captains trading in the Caribbean Islands would often return home with spices, rum, and a selection of fruits - if lucky, that would include the rare and highly coveted pineapple. After dropping anchor and making it safely to shore, they would spear a pineapple on a fence post outside their home, alerting friends of their safe return and inviting them to visit for drinks and tales of their voyage.

This symbol of friendship and hospitality has become a favorite motif of architects, artisans and craftsmen. If you keep your eyes open today, you'll find pineapple images hiding in all sorts of places, from sculptures and paintings to bedposts and iron gates, from wallpaper and linen napkins to silverware and serving plates.

As you may have guessed, we’re big fans of pineapples at SHIFT. They seem to make people smile, and we love that they wear the crown.