Alexandra Dickson

operations manager

Allie started her hospitality career in 2011 as the owner of The Allie Way Sports Bar, where she managed all day-to-day operations including payroll, staffing, bookkeeping, taxes and scheduling. She also managed the bar’s marketing, handling social media and creating promotional materials to build new clients and deepen relationships with current customers.

Allie has experience working with all aspects of owning a restaurant in NYC including dealing with the Health Department and Department of Buildings, where she was once told she should become a “professional expediter” based on her ability to move things through the system so quickly. After 8 years of successful ownership, Allie joined the SHIFT Operations Team to bring her experience to a broader portfolio of hospitality brands. Today she helps implement new SOPs, develop talent and manage vendor relationships.

Allie is a graduate of Arizona State University, and prior to hospitality worked in Sales and Financial Services. When she’s not out exploring the best of the NYC restaurant scene, she can be found hanging out with her dog, going out with her friends or spending a day at the beach - and on a great day, all three!

Favorite Food:  Steak or ice cream...but not together.
Favorite Drink:  Either champagne or tequila...also not together.
Hidden Talent:  Cleaning and organizing!